Genesis 38

Judah and Tamar

You’ll know when a pastor prepared, researched, worked, prayed, was inspired by the Holy Spirit, and deliver a sermon in unforgettable way that draws hearers to glorify God versus one who just woke up from a sleep, took a few notes (from his feelings the same morning of preaching) no study, no research, no prayer, no inspiration by the Holy Spirit, and of course no fruits that brings glory to God. Austin did the work of a preacher and an evangelist. He devoted himself to the word. This will go down as one of Dr. Austin Duncan’s greatest sermon ever preached in my book. By the time he had done preaching, I was on my knees giving thanks to God for His faithfulness, mercy, sovereignty, and grace.

I ask you to take your Bible and follow along with him as he expounds literally the whole message of the gospel from Genesis 38.

Any mediocre “preacher” would have taken this chapter to be about prostitution and faux pas. You know, one of those passages where you ask yourself, “why this information is in the Bible?” The truth is, God’s message is higher than the heavens and deeper than the great deep. God’s thoughts are not our thoughts. That’s what Austin is showing us here. Genesis 38 is beyond Judah and Tamar. It is more than deception, prostitution, and you know what. This is about God’s sovereignty. See God’s work and virtues on display so beautifully. Of course see men’s sinfulness as well. All in All you will be blessed immensely.

Give honor to whom honor is due but most importantly, give glory to God for all things He has done. Amen?

Trinity bible Church Dallas

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