The Reason For Existence

The pain of the world and the purposes of God by John Piper.

It is common to hear from especially unbelievers ask, “If God is good why so much suffering in the world”? Sounds familiar? Are you yourself asking this very question? Are you wondering why the world is the way it is! Injustice, turmoils, poverty, diseases, hurricanes, pandemics, hate, confusion, greed, wars, death-why? If you are puzzled you are not alone. Theologians have been answering this question for ages, yet it seems to me that in every generation people are still asking. Well, today I have a treat for you. I believe this video will settle your question once more. My prayer is you will be moved to seek wholeheartedly the only Answer for your life, Jesus Christ.

Pastor John puts this way, “I am inviting you to embrace Jesus Christ as the One for Whom through Whom to whom all things exist. He came to share the suffering. He came to bear this pain. He came to taste every test and every temptation that we have known, take to the cross, die in our place so by faith alone we can have all our sins forgiven, and have eternal life, and have destiny on new heavens and on a new earth where that curse will be finally lifted.”

Let’s hear together.

Pastor John Piper

Your Turn:

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